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Ted Pencils goes to dinner


Ted Pencils goes to dinner


gf: come over

me: cant im a dinosaur and i died 65 million yrs ago

gf: im off my period

me: image


You either die a fave or live long enough to see yourself become problematic

In the years before the Great War, Big Mountain had been the home of the brightest minds of the 21st century. Scientists of vision were drawn to the facility to tackle the greatest technological challenges of the era.
They sought to create a new world, fueled by technology, for the benefit of all mankind. sonic emitters, space age alloys, DNA hybridization, force field particle research, Auto-Doc advances in cranial, cardiac, and trauma surgery… the hopes and dreams of a century became realities in the electronic forges of Big Mountain. The nucleus of this research was the Dome, a huge stone facility that held the labs of every science known to man. It was a think tank where no problem could not be solved, where no question could not be answered.
The Great War brought a new energy to Big Mountain and its scientists. Although sheltered from the frontlines, the scientists waged their own war, fighting their battles at the atomic level. Equations and calculations marched endlessly across the chalkboards and computer terminals toward one solution: Winning the war.
For years, the minds and computers of Big Mountain were a blaze of trajectories, weapon schematics, and nuclear theories. The problems began to outpace the solutions, first geometrically, then exponentially. As war escalated, so did the questions. On the night of October 23rd, 2077, the scientists received an answer that put all their questions to rest.
In the aftermath, Big Mountain’s silent experiments went to sleep, their creators slowly dying the new world that had been left behind. And the great stone in the middle of the Big Empty lay untouched, filled with countless technological wonders… Wonders that, in the end, had been answers to the wrong question.